Sales and Marketing Automation

Sales and Marketing Automation

Beyond the fad that CRM has turned to in the last 10 years, clients still seek partners to work with them to ensure that CRM solutions are adopted and used by the people they are meant to serve. Driving Adoption. That’s our approach to Sales and Marketing automation.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that software alone is not CRM, and any CRM software solution can be used, but there is no one size or one type fits all CRM solution out there, yet. Using vendor agnostic tools and processes we deliver CRM implementations that help our clients enjoy the benefits of automation.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have extensive experience in implementing automation solutions from the scratch for teams of 2 to 2000+. Profiliant’s unique strength in this area lies in our ability to design a process around each business and customize the automation to enable, support and drive that process. We are able to design small- and large-scale projects according to the needs of each business.

CRM Integration Capability

Melding CRM systems with your sales process is where we excel best. We have the capability to deliver across multi-vendor platforms including:

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