About Us

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients and customers develop the capability to find and win profitable business. Profiliant delivers a full suite of professional services complemented by acclaimed training & development programs addressing all aspects of selling.

About Us

Helping Businesses Find & Win Profitable Businesses

Profiliant is a full services professional selling organization providing revenue improvement services through sales and business development capacity building for companies in many industry verticals. We provide services primarily directed at Human Performance Improvement in the workplace.

Current industry-practice focus areas are:

1. Technology and Telecommunications Practice- Specialized consulting services.

2. Financial Services Industry Practice- Custom-Services to help FSI companies improve Selling and Relationship Management Programs.

3. FMCG sales training and development Practice- For manufacturing concerns and merchandising enterprises.

4. Services Industry Practice- We help companies that sell services and intangibles.

Our Services

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Sales Strategy Development
This service helps our clients ensure they are targeting and addressing the most lucrative or strategic target market.
Sales & Marketing Alignment:
This service creates the most effective prospect targeting approach, sales messaging material and sales process steps to deliver transactions in the shortest cycle time
Sales Talent Recruiting Services
Through this service Profiliant helps companies find attract and retain the perfect sales personnel to represent their product or service.
Contract Sales Outsourcing Service
The Profiliant Contract Sales Outsourcing Service is designed to help companies execute rapid market entry plans while keeping costs low and accessing the best field selling resources available.
Sales System Development
This service helps clients build the sales structure, sales systems, compensation plans, territories and quotas, weaving all these critical elements into a rock-solid sales framework designed for success.

Industries We Serve

Our simple, powerful processes and tools help drive performance
especially when the marketplace is demanding.

Financial Services

Media & Entertainment


Information Technology

Manufacturing & FMCG

Professional Services Industry