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At the center of our values in Profiliant is the concept of 'one-degree of difference' and this is what has made us very successful in the few years of our existence.

We live by the very powerful idea that:

At 211 degrees…water is hot.
At 212 degrees…it boils.
And with boiling water, comes steam.
And steam can power a locomotive.
And, it’s that one extra degree that…
Makes all the difference.

So many times, in business and in life, it’s that one extra degree of effort that separates the good from the great.

We are constantly open to meeting people who believe they can make a difference, people who are passionate about improving workplace performance and business results. We are looking for people who can make the essential one-degree of difference in our team and in our customers’ lives.
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Open Positions

Full Time Employment

Full time employment in Profiliant is fun and challenging. Our best hands are restless, inquisitive, and highly creative, with the gift of effective communication. We are constantly looking for competent hands, hot heads and people with lots of creativity and energy.

New Graduate Employment

Profiliant is hiring new grads. Whether with a Higher National Diploma or University Degree. If you have limited or no on-the-job experience but, a sharp intellect, a top-notch educational background, and the energy to make a difference. Profiliant would like to talk to you.

Internship Program

Are you a full-time student currently enrolled in college, university, polytechnic or even graduate school? Intern at Profiliant—and your summer vacation could lead to a rewarding career.