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Developing A Technology Sales System.

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Sales Management Webinars


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Manufacturing & FMCG

Route-to-Market and 3rd Party Distribution Trade Channel Programs and Sales Enablement initiatives for Major FMCG organizations.


Strategic customer acquisition and demand gen programs helping Fintechs launch or consolidate positions in their market spaces.

Financial Services

Financial services relationship management & products sales systems for banks and non-bank financial services organizations.

Professional Services

How to sell Professional services, from new business development pursuits to client engagement & relationship management.

Essential Business Skills Series

Business Negotiations

Build your business negotiation chops with this highly acclaimed virtual negotiation skills builder

Enrol for this program if you

  • – always see discounting as the only way to win the deal
  • – have challenges with justifying your price versus your competition
  • – have difficulty linking product capabilities with your customer’s critical business issues
  • – experience frequent internal fights between accounting/finance and sales because someone is ‘giving the shop away
  • – sell more but make less and less margins
  • – consistently miss targets and revenue projections because of frequently lost opportunities
  • – struggle to close deals even after getting serious buying signals

Featured Events

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Conversations That Sell

Equal blame belongs those
who fail in their duty.
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Acing The Sales Interview

Indignation & dislike men who are so beguiled.
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Raising Team Productivity

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Presentations That Sell

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Segments & Verticals

  • 01. Fintech
    We help Fintechs launch and manage growth by building sales systems to help acquire and keep new customers. [More.]
  • 02. Professional Services
    Our game changing client engagement methodologies that help Professional Services firms with better business development capabilities that make winning new business a firm-wide focus at all levels, from Associate to Partner level. [More.]
  • 03. Information Technology
    Solution sales tools, process and capability development for complex sales scenarios typical with Technology sales.

  • 04. Telecommunications
    Comms and Telco services providers selling through direct and indirect channels turn to this service to build effective sales operations.
  • 05. Financial Services
    Our Financial Services Industry sales model is unique in addressing the core capabilities for retail and corporate banking sales products, including solutions for non-bank financial institutions wishing two grow share in target segments.
  • 06. Manufacturing & Pharma
    Our practice capabilities here address Indirect Sales Channel Development and Management across the full spectrum of Distribution & Retail, and now with eChannels in full view.
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