CRM/SFA Technology Adoption

CRM/SFA Technology Adoption!

This service provides an unmatched array of Go-To-Market Strategy experience and expertise to existing and prospective clients in a broad range of industries including industrial equipment and supplies, telecommunication, transportation and consumer goods. The Go-To-Market Strategy approach is based on your real world — actual customer, channel and competitive practices.

While applying leading edge business and channel theory, our recommendations succeed only by passing the test of practical implementation. Our core Go To Market Strategy services include customer/market segmentation, channel selection, channel program design, channel pricing/discount development, partner tiering, new product/market assessments, Insight Research, brand/channel integration, integrated supply planning, and marketing due diligence for acquisitions.

It’s as simple as that. Whether you are an old player or a new entrant in manufacturing or merchandising, distribution sales channels command premium value. Our expertise covers developing and executing distribution channel strategies. Whether it is for technology distribution or just Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), the power often lies in the ability to select, train and motivate the right channel.If you need to make improvements in the following areas, we sure can help:

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